Finally… an actual post!

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So I’ve had this blog site set up for a ridiculously long time and never managed to post anything more than “page under construction,” or “welcome to my blog. more coming soon…” I guess for someone who has trouble returning phone calls and regularly answering even the simplest of emails, keeping up with a blog has always seemed a daunting commitment… However, it appears that the time has finally come to take the plunge… With my recent entry into the MFA program at SCAD Atlanta, and the requirement that we keep a written record of our personal musings on the subject of photography through a personal blog, my first official post is finally taking form; and I must admit that I am both excited and a bit apprehensive. That said, I’ll move directly to the subject a hand – photography and my personal musings.

While I began my “artistic life” a visual artist, I have actually spent my professional life as a performer and scholar of music from the Middle East. Over the past several years photography has become a way for me to bridge two worlds – the more public world of music and performance with a more private world of color, light and form. Up to this point my photographic work has centered around music, dance and culture of the Middle East – primarily Arab, Arab-American and American interpretations of the Arab world. For years I have sought to use both music and photography as means to give alternative views of cultures that are so often judged by first impressions, cultural bias and media spins.

However, as I have become increasingly involved in photography as an art form in and of its self, the question “what next?” begins to surface. Subject matter aside, I find myself continually drawn to movement, intense emotion and quality of light. My approach tends to be very intuitive… very spontaneous.  I shoot digital, but have recently begun collecting and restoring vintage cameras in hopes of working with medium format film. I’m drawn to documentary styling and to work that truly strives to make a difference. I’m not afraid of grain, digital noise, fuzzy focus and blur. However, I also love finely crafted, tack sharp, studio narratives, and any art with a unique perspective or quirky twist. At this point what I really want to do is to explore new techniques, hone old skills, and take the time to develop ideas that have been percolating for some time now.

Looking forward to working with all of you!!!!


2 Responses to “Finally… an actual post!”

  1. Sam Wilson Says:

    can’t wait to see more of your work, this is my first graduate class, ive been out of skool since 2005 :(

  2. Alex Says:

    Sam: No worries, I’ve been out of school since 2004!